6 Ways Haw To Turn Your Essay Writing From Blah Into Fantastic

Nobody is born having extraordinary writing skills. You need a lot of time and effort to polish your writing skills. What is reassuring is that you can learn many valuable tips on bringing your writing to the next level. You will find some of the most effective ones in this article.

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1. Reread the requirements several times

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Some professors add specific requirements to the standard guidelines of academic writing. Neglecting them will lead to writing an essay that does not meet your teacher’s expectations. Therefore, focus on the additional instructions. Note them on the top of the first page of a piece and check if you follow all of them while writing. Turn to your teacher for more explanations if you need help understanding the task. It is always better to ask them questions before you start writing than realize that you have to rewrite the whole piece because you misunderstood something.

2. Never start with writing an introduction first

Students can spend a lot of time tailoring the perfect introductory paragraphs. However, only experienced writers know that you should only write these paragraphs after writing the rest of your essay. You may have to rewrite at least some parts of the introduction, if not the whole section. Even though you have a detailed outline and know what points you want to discuss, it is impossible to foresee the results. You might want to change some of those points with more relevant ones during the process. Refrain from wasting your time and focusing on the body paragraphs first.

3. Think carefully about how to start your essay

Think carefully about how to start your essay
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As you know, many different hooks help you attract a reader’s attention. The introductory paragraph is crucial in setting the right mood and motivating the audience to keep reading. If you want your essay to be fantastic, do not just randomly choose one of the hooks. Remember that the hook you pick should be relevant to the topic and idea of your piece. Therefore, do not start with an anecdote if you are writing about the tragic destiny of Hamlet.

If you plan to start with a quote, ensure it supports the main idea you will communicate. In case you rely on your experience, you can start with a personal story. Again, don’t choose just any story that comes to mind. It must correlate with the next idea you present in the body paragraphs. Also, think about ways of making it short but comprehensive. Remember that your introduction should not be too long.

4. Rely on the wisdom of other writers

Even though this assignment usually does not require students to use quotations and make multiple references, it is a good idea to include them. To begin with, the quotes you read during your research study may inspire you. You will add new exciting ideas to your essay. On top of that, you can come across a statement that makes your point more vivid. Finally, addressing the thoughts of other scholars will help you impress teachers. It clearly shows that you’ve spent time and effort working on this assignment.

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One of the reasons why your essay might have this “blah” quality is going off the topic. Students often find it challenging not to skip from one subject to another. They believe that the more information they manage to include in their piece, the better their grades will be. However, this approach does not work. After reading your piece, a teacher will not clearly understand what idea you were trying to communicate.

To avoid making this mistake, always include the step of creating an outline in the preparation process. A detailed outline will help you present all points logically. You will not get excited and start writing about something irrelevant. Also, ensure that there are smooth transitions between paragraphs. Your goal is to connect one point to another. Make it easy for readers to follow your train of thought.

5. Do not let your conclusion confuse the audience

Some students like to include new ideas in the concluding paragraphs to avoid the repetition of the points they have already mentioned. However, this approach does not make your essay look great. The conclusion is not the right place to present new points of view on the discussed topic. The goal is to summarize everything you’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs. If you include any new ideas here, the audience will wait for you to express your thoughts in more detail. If you do so, the conclusion will look massive.

6. Take a pause and revise

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After you’ve finished writing, set your essay aside and switch to any other activity on your to-do list. Your brain needs a rest after tailoring an outstanding literary piece. You can come back to it later. The two crucial stages that students usually skip are editing and proofreading. However, the quality of your writing depends on them.

Moreover, the first impression of your essay depends on the quantity of spelling and grammar mistakes. Your goal is to ensure the piece is polished and looks great. Feel free to rewrite some paragraphs if they seem unclear or illogical. Spending an additional hour on your essay to improve it is better than getting a disappointing grade after all that hard work.

We are sure your essay will look fantastic if you follow these recommendations. To get even more practical writing tips, use online resources and consult with your teacher. Remember that you need to practice a lot if you want to start writing more engaging essays.