Why Check Reviews Before Buying Products Online

Reviews are a great way to discover other people’s experiences with a product. They not only give you honest opinions of future purchases, but they also show whether the company is trustworthy. In addition, they can help you find a better alternative to the product that you’re considering. What are product reviews? Product reviews are … Read more

Different Types of Slot Game Paytables Explained

In the late 90s and early 2000s, most online slots had a simple 3×3 grid structure and a single-digit or double-digit number of paylines with no bonus features. If there had to be a bonus feature, standard wilds and scatter symbols were the order of the day. In contrast, the slots we have at our … Read more

Upsides and Drawbacks of Led Lighting – Guide 2022

LEDs are a simple yet intricate invention that has overtaken conventional lighting like HID lamps and fluorescent and incandescent lights. Finding it hard to comprehend them? For starters, LED stands for light-emitting diode. A diode is an electrical component consisting of two electrodes, a cathode, and an anode, which allow electricity to flow. With that … Read more

How Remote Patient Monitoring Helps the Patients

As the ever-evolving technology continues to revolutionize various fields, healthcare hasnโ€™t dragged. The fieldโ€™s sensitivity means stringent measures must be taken to ensure safety. Nonetheless, technology continues to positively impact service delivery, patient and caregiver connections, and the financial aspects, to mention a few areas. Today, telehealth, for example, is no longer a futuristic idea … Read more

7 Things To Look For When Buying A Multitasking Laptop

Laptops are one of the best technology solutions in the entire history of technology. We get a powerful laptop, which, although with limited working capabilities, actually makes our lives easier in every possible way. You may not be able to install games with demanding settings, but you can certainly do your office work, watch movies … Read more

Places to Witness Ganesh Chaturthi in Hyderabad

Wish You Everyone a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi ๐Ÿ™‚ Ganesh Chaturthi is here, the most awaited famous festival after Covid-19 pandemic. This year 2022, Hyderabad will cross 1 Lakh Ganesha idols in twin cities (including Cyberabad & Secunderabad). The 9 days Vinayaka Chaturthi festival will starts on 10 September 2022 (Friday) and immersed on 18 & … Read more


Route Bus Timings Bus Type RGIAP – VJA 01:00 โ†’ 05:45 VENNELA MGBS-ATNR 01:00 โ†’ 07:00 SUPER LUXURY RGIA – VJA 02:00 โ†’ 06:30 VENNELA MGBS-ATNR 02:00 โ†’ 08:00 SUPER LUXURY MGBS-ATNR 03:00 โ†’ 09:00 SUPER LUXURY MGBS-ATNR 04:30 โ†’ 10:30 SUPER LUXURY RGIA-VJA 05:00 โ†’ 10:00 AMARAVATHI MBXR – VJA 05:30 โ†’ 10:50 AMARAVATHI … Read more


Route Bus Timings Bus Type VSPMCBS-HYD(BHEL) 03:00 โ†’ 08:20 AMARAVATHI VJA – MIYAPUR BLRM X ROAD 05:30 โ†’ 10:20 AMARAVATHI VJA-MBXR 06:00 โ†’ 12:00 SUPER LUXURY ATNR – MGBS 06:30 โ†’ 11:50 SUPER LUXURY VJA – BHEL-BRMD 06:30 โ†’ 11:50 AMARAVATHI VJA – MIYAPUR BLRM X ROAD 07:00 โ†’ 12:55 SUPER LUXURY ATNR-MGBS 07:15 โ†’ … Read more