Top 5 Best Weekend Attractions to visit in Hyderabad



It can be really confusing how to spend your weekend in this city of pearls and diamonds. There are two faces for Hyderabad one is hi- tech city and the other is royal city which still preserves its historical past and architecture. When we decide to make plans for our weekend these are some of the places that just pops up in our mind.

Golkonda Fort :

It’s situated in the western part of the Hyderabad about 9km way from the Hussain sagar lake. The other name of Golkonda  fort is Mankal. It is a magnificent fortress which gives you a bird eye view of other buildings. The fort gains an impressive place among the architectural marvels and heritage structures of India and is a testimony to Hyderabad’s glorious past. A weekend at Golkanda fort will never make you regret you decision. 


It is one of the favourite hangout places for lovers during the weekends. The lake is in the shape of a heart and is ideal for lovers for a long walk in such a peaceful place. You can experience the beauty of the lake through a boat ride which available on different rates for various types of boats and the number of people. The lake is situated right in the middle of the city and is found as the heart of the same with Sanjeeviah Park in the north and Lumbini Park in east. The lighting show conducted gives you a spectacular beauty of the lake and there are about 30 statues of various famous personalities built around the lake.


Charminar is an important part of the historical past of Hyderabad. The pleasure of watching this beautiful architecture is incredible. You get the tempting kulchas in the shops of bustling bazars here.  The monument is located in the heart of old city and it is believed that Hyderabad was measured in four directions from Charminar for administrative purposes.


It resembles the necklace road in Mumbai.. This is one road that connects all the three beautiful gardens like NTR gardens, Lumbini gardens and Sanjeevaiah national park. As the name suggested it gives the shape of a necklace. It is one of sort after hangout place for the people in <a href=””>Hyderabad</a> for peaceful weekends. There are boat rides and some shops available near to the road.


It is a Hindu temple located in a hilltop with a mesmerizing architecture. It is one of the Birla mandirs in the country. Spending the weekend here will give you serene and peaceful day. The credit for the architectural beauty of this temple also goes to huge number of white marbles used to build it. The scenes from Indians epic as Mahabharatha and Ramayana are sculpted on the walls of the temple adds on to its beauty.


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