Snow World Hyderabad

Snow World Hyderabad: Feeling the snow in midst of Hyderabad

Feeling the snow in the city like Hyderabad is being made possible by Ocean Park Multi Tech Limited (OPML). A first of its kind in India and a uniquely conceptualized snow-themed park at Hyderabad covers 2 acres of area. It is the world’s largest snow park. Some of the places near Snow World Hyderabad are: NTR Gardens, Tank Bund, Birla Temple, Necklaces Road and Indira Park, adding to the joy of visiting the Snow World Hyderabad. It’s one of the places in Hyderabad which attracts tourists the most.

Snow World was built with 200 tonnes of snow; each day top layer is cleaned and two to three tonnes of snow is added to it. To make it safe, management uses best practices like using mineral water and multi-stage filtration to make snow. The Snow World Hyderabad wiki page states that it’s the only snow park in India which facilitates visitors to experience snowfall.

The temperature inside the park is maintained from 0 to -5 degree Celsius, for which Snow World Hyderabad adopts an internationally approved method for exposure to low temperatures. At the park, everyone starts with experiencing 20 degree Celsius to slowly reach minus temperatures.

Experiences and Facilities at Snow World Hyderabad

At this snow-themed park, no one can even feel that everything they are experiencing is artificial. The amazing snowfall and stunning landscapes is no less than any hill station. Visitors have numerous options to explore adventures like trekking or sports activities like ice skating, ice boarding, snow volleyball, snow basketball or snow dancing. Sounds alluring! It is.

The designers have taken care of even the minute detailing like building Snow Mountain, alpine trees, igloo or to give the experience of polar bears or penguins through simulation. These all are in the Cryo Zone which also features a dedicated space for children to play with snow.

Whether a snow slide or a toboggan ride Snow world Hyderabad have something or the other for every person, counting to 2400 people that visit this place every day.  The count always remains the same as the intake is limited to 300/session.

To give the top-notch experience, visitors are offered with jackets, gloves and necessary clothing to combat the cold and giving the real feel. Snow World Hyderabad doesn’t allow the two most loved gadgets; mobile and camera.

Snow World Timings

The Snow World Hyderabad remains open throughout the year and on all the days of the week.  The timing for the snow world is from 11 am to 9 pm. There are eight sessions of 1 hour each and sessions start at 11 am. It is advised to reach 30 minutes before the session starts.

Snow World Hyderabad Ticket Price

The Snow World Hyderabad Ticket Price is affordable, set differently for different categories.

Snow World Hyderabad entry fee is priced very accurately. The feel which the park gives is much more than what it charges. The management has set the prices @ Rs.450/- for adults, Rs.250/- for Children.

Students are charged in a different manner; students up to class 10th are charged Rs.250/- while students beyond class 10th are charged Rs.300/-, including college students.

There is an option to go with packages as well to combine Ocean World entry ticket with that of Snow World. It costs Rs.850 for an adult having height of 4ft 6inch & above. For child below the height of 4ft 6inch, it costs Rs.600/-. The people taking the package can visit these two places at different times in one month as per the suitability. The pricing for school and college students are different and need at least 30 students to avail special packages.

More about Snow world at Wiki

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