Different Types of Slot Game Paytables Explained

In the late 90s and early 2000s, most online slots had a simple 3×3 grid structure and a single-digit or double-digit number of paylines with no bonus features. If there had to be a bonus feature, standard wilds and scatter symbols were the order of the day. In contrast, the slots we have at our disposal today are different – they have complex grid layouts and up to over six-figure paylines, with intricate bonus powerups.

Nonetheless, both old-fashioned and modern online slot machine games available on iGaming platforms such as https://vulkanvegas.com/ca/category/slots are all about matching symbols. So, getting the hang of things boils down to understanding how the paytable works, irrespective of whether it has some complex in-game features. To make things easier for you in your online reel spinning escapades, here is a detailed look into the workings of a slot game paytable and the different types that you’ll encounter.

How to Read a Paytable

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Reading a paytable is generally straightforward, as most will come with illustrations to make your work easier. However, depending on the volume and complexity of bonus add-ons, a paytable could end up having multiple pages to convey all the information adequately.

When reading the paytable, you should first go through the standard symbols and look at their associated values and how many of them you need to land a payout. From there, look at the bonus symbols like the wilds and scatter symbols, as they will often increase your winning odds and are vital to unlocking special features.

As standard practice, online slot machine developers usually make it easier for you to read the paytable. They show the value of your expected payout from a winning combination through figures like 2x, 3x, or 5x, which represents the multiplier of your current wager. That way, it is easy for you to estimate how much you could win from a given wager. For example, if the paytable has a 100,000-coin jackpot for landing five of a kind of the highest-paying symbol, you can quickly tell your potential win by simply multiplying the 100,000 coins by your bet.

You should also pay attention to the paylines and identify the patterns that form winning combinations so that you can understand how to hit the most significant wins. Essentially, with a quick recon of the paytable, it is easy to tell whether a particular slot game will suit your reel spinning tastes.

Fixed Paytables

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The standard slot machine operates with a fixed paytable. They come with a fixed number of reels and a static payline structure with no complications. Premium in-game symbols are usually based on a particular thematic concept, whereas basic poker card symbols will represent the low-paying symbols.

Due to their simplicity, fixed paytable slots require lining up at least three matching symbols to land a win. And sometimes, you could even collect a win with just two matching symbols. Meanwhile, if you wagered the maximum bet per spin, lining up five of a kind of the highest paying symbol will often earn you the game’s jackpot. Some of the most popular slots that come with a fixed paytable include:

• Mega Moolah by Microgaming
• Cleopatra by IGT
• 88 Fortunes by Shuffle Masters
• Starburst by NetEnt

Dynamic Paytables

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While fixed paytables slots have straightforward structures, slots with dynamic paytables are different. The number of reels could vary in each spin, and the number of paylines may grow exponentially to hit figures well into the hundreds of thousands. While the formation of winning combinations may be similar to that of fixed paytables, it goes beyond matching symbols on paylines. You could also earn payouts by forming clusters of up to over 15 matching symbols!

Moreover, some of the slots with dynamic paytables localize a special feature (e.g., free spins or bonus rounds) into the game that will unlock the dynamic paytable. As a result, they offer players more opportunities to grab massive wins if they get lucky.

Today, many variants of slots using dynamic paytables will come with different names or monikers for the feature, depending on the software provider. Some of the most popular terms that signify a slot with a dynamic paytable are as follows:

• Expanding reels
• Infinireels
• Infinity ReelsTM
• MegawaysTM
• HyperwaysTM

That said, some of the best slots with dynamic paytables you can enjoy today include:

• Legacy of Ra Megaways by Blueprint Gaming
• Magic Mirror 2 Deluxe by Merkur Gaming
• Mystic Mirror by Red Rake Gaming
• Book of Dead by Play ‘n GO

Understand the Paytable Before You Play

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While dynamic paytables are a little more complicated, and you may need a moment or two to figure things out, they are a gift to reel spinners because of the higher winning potential they present.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, you should always take time to study the slot’s paytable before clicking the play button. It is the key to unlocking all the essential information that will allow you to discover what makes the game tick.