Best time to visit Charminar Everyday, during Ramadan and night bazaar timings

One can visit the Charminar every day from morning 9:30 am to evening 5:30 pm.

It has a new appeal during ramadan. Night bazaar, which continues to pulse until early in the morning. The bazaar remains lively with the sparkles of bangles, the fragrance of Haleem, the kind of Iranian chai, the shine of mehendi, the calls of merchants and the furor of shoppers, not just shoes, but family unit products such as earthenware, jewelry, impersonation crystals, perfume and dry natural products.

Source: Deccan Herald

You’re going to wind up absolutely with researching and looking at things all around from the slows down when you’re in this business, time always flies as the contributions are massive. A lot of contributions beginning with hoops, shoes, porcelain, children’s wear, design embellishments, belts, wallets and expanding across this market much more and more.

If you are tired and feeling hungry after long periods of strolling and browsing. With Charminar being the pillar of Ramzan nutrition culture in Nizams region, you’ll feel spoiled to make a decision about the accessibility of various delights. A solitary look at the most well-known unusual luxuries of Ramzan by Haleem and Dahi Wada-Hyderabad will cause your tongue to pine for nibbles.