Govind ki Bandi and Some Interesting Facts

Govind ki Bandi and some interesting facts about this early morning snack joint  :

The best thing about Hyderabad breakfast must haves is that these are as yummy as pizzas and burgers. It is just that these are rooted to the ethnicity and culture of India. And yes, dosas and idlis are healthier as well. No doubt, there are so many snacking joints in and around Hyderabad. One such notable one is Govind ki Bandi. This is one of the best early morning snacking points in Hyderabad; no doubt so many people throng over to this place at 6 am in the morning. If you have never heard of this place, then it is high time you pay a visit to this dosa idli joint. But before you go gorge on a plate of hot and steaming idli or munch on a plate of dosa, let us discuss some interesting facts about this humble dosa point.

Facts about Govind ki Bandi Hyderabad :

It is always said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. But, if the early morning timings acts as a dampener to your soul, check out these interesting did you knows about the famous Govind ki Bandi Hyderabad.

The man behind this bandi is extremely humble and respectable. That is not only because he is so down to earth, but also because he is an ever smiling person and one who takes care of his surroundings as well. Yes, just before he starts selling his fare from 6:30 am in the morning, he makes sure that the surroundings are cleaned up well. Only then he starts preparing his awesome buttery dosas, idlis and tawa idlis.

He has been in business for as long as 30 years now. Yes, it has been 30 long years that he has been serving people the utterly butterly delicious dosas, which are crispy and addictive. Not a single thing has changed in all these years; neither the place, the name or the taste.

There’s a Facebook page on his bandi. A simple dosa bandi, a roadside cart and there’s a Facebook page created just for that. Don’t you think there must be something really special about this place! And yes, it has a rating of 4.4 on Facebook.

Goving ki bandi opens every morning at 6:30 and sells the tasty and yummy stuff till 1:30 pm in the noon. So, if getting up early in the morning is an impossible task for you to achieve, you can go there late as well. Goving ki Bandi Hyderabad timings are well enough for you to have a taste of his crispy upda dosa. But yes, the charm of having an early morning breakfast at this place won’t be there if you go in the noon.

Govind ki bandi hyderabad address is pretty simple as well. It opens its fare at Charkaman, near Charminar every day without fail. And why it is mainly recommended to go early in the morning is because the charm of the old city is a different one at that time of the day; with no stores open and less thick crowd. Another branch has opened up in the Banjara Hills, opposite to Asha Hospital, Road No. 14.

Starting your day at least once in a month is not a bad idea, right? Do let us know your verdict on this great dosa place in Hyderabad.