Why Laxman ki Bandi is a must Visit Dosa Point in Hyderabad


Why Laxman ki Bandi is a must visit dosa point in Hyderabad

What can be better than gorging on a plate of crispy osa and accompanies by a bowl full of fresh chutney on a Sunday morning? Laxman ki Bandi Hyderabad is the place to be in if this idea excites you. There are quite a few well known dosa carts selling really good dosas, idlis and more to the people in Hyderabad and Laxman ki Bandi is one of the best amongst these. So, what makes Laxman ki Bandi so special for the dosa lovers. Let us find that out. Lots of research has been put together to make sure that you get the best of facts on this popular thela of Hyderabad.


What is so good about Laxman ki Bandi?

Everything is good about this place. It is one of the most popular dosa joints to be in. And here’s why it is considered so:

The goo old dosas and idlis over here come with the accompaniment of green chutney, which is so different than the lot. The white coconut chutney can be given a miss. And I am sure that you are not gonna complain. It is so delicious that you are going to forget about the white one. Try it out this weekend to find out if this is true. It won’t hurt.

       Opened around 50 years ago, it is one of the oldest dosa points in Hyderabad. That is reason enough for it being one of the most sought after places to have a plate of hot steaming idli and dosa, however sinful it is. And that is what everybody thronging over to this place believes. Well, once you start digging onto the crispy dosa from this bandi, you are going to forget all about the calories, you will!



    Cost for two at Laxman ki Bandi is as low as Rs 100, which is pretty easy on the pocket. Is it not? Where else can you have a tummy full of good dosa and idli at just a matter of 50 rupees! And if you feel like gorging on more, it can only go upto Rs 150 or may be Rs 200. Fare enough if you are heel of an eater!

        Laxman ki Bandi Hyderabad address is Agapura, Gyan Bagh Colony, near Godhe ki Khabar. You must be wondering why all the best bandis and eateries sell their fare in the old city of Hyderabad. I felt the same too! But may be the old city backdrop serves as the perfect place for selling food that is so much a part of Hyderabad.

 Laxman ki bandi hyderabad timings are 6:30 am in the morning to 1:30 pm in the noon. So, you have enough time to pay a visit to Hyderabad’s favourite dosa place throughout the day. But yes, the freshness of the chutneys and batters prepared early in the morning won’t be there in the noon. Or maybe it is the coolness of the atmosphere that adds the extra zing and freshness to the chutney. Find it out yourself.

Vadas, idlis, dosas and more are what you can get at Laxman ki Bandi. The fried, juicy vadas cut into small pieces and served along with chopped onions, tomatoes and chilis is a must have and tastes heavenly in the monsoons.




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