Ram ki Bandi

Ram Ki Bandi at Nampally, Hyderabad

Ram ki Bandi, a name synonymous with the best of Hyderabadi food is the place to be in if you are an ardent dosa fan.  What…you din’t know what Ranki Bandi is? Are you living under a rock? Any Hyderabadi or whoever is living in Hyderabad is well aware of this cart selling flavourful, buttery dosas at Nampally. And if you are wondering what’s there in a dosa, go have it today. You are sure to be bowled over by the variety, taste and quality of the dosas being offered by this humble person running Ramki Bandi, Nampally. What is so special about this place is that it is just a humble joint serving the best for the last 7 years. The quality has never gone down.

Facts about Ram ki bandi Hyderabad :

Ramki Bandi Abids is a foodie’s delight. The crisp masala dosa is the all time favourite of one and all. But, this is not all. They have experimented well with all kinds of dosa flavors and types. Or else, how do you think Ramu ki Bandi Hyderabad became what it is today. But, it is not only the mindblowing and crispy dosa flavours we should be talking about. There are lots of other interesting facts about this place that we need to know. So, here are few Ram bhai ki Bandi Hyderabad facts you probably were not aware of.

A brand new restaurant was opened by him in the name of Ram’s Dosa House. It is what everybody fondly calls Ram ki Bandi Banjara Hills Hyderabad. People from far and near come over to dine in this place, be it by high end cars, simple ones or autos and cabs. All kinds of dosas, tea and coffee are available for less than 100. Well, this in itself is revolutionary. It is not the price, but the place. Yes, the fact that food as affordable as this is being served in a fully AC restaurant is a surprising fact to be digested. Nevertheless, this is the absolute truth.

It stays open throughout the night. Ram ki Bandi Hyderabad timings are as unique as the bandi is. It starts operating when all other stalls close down their shutters. The bandi starts serving its fare from 3am to 8 am in the morning. Surprised? Don’t be. Ram ki Bandi Hyderabad timings are; Nampally – 3 am to 8 am and Jubille Hills – throughout the day. But, if you want to meet the man behind all this, you need to eb at the restaurant in between 8 pm to 11 pm.

This has been the first dosa point to bring in so many varieties of dosa and the open dosa, which looks and tastes more like the Indian version of a pizza. It was Ram who brought this revolutionary change to Hyderabad’s dosa and then everybody else followed.

Ram is an MBA graduate. Yes, you heard me right. He is an MBA graduate, but he wanted to carry further the dreams of his father. So, when you got his bandi 7 years ago, he tried his best to make it work. But, fame and success does not come easily. He worked hard, faltered and failed, but mustered up all his courage and finally saw success as he introduced the first ever open dosa in. Then there was no looking back.

He wants his bandi and restaurant to be as popular as the likes of McDonalds and KFC. Why not? He has earned his success and respect with hard work and valor. He definitely deserves the best. An Indian making it big in the food industry with no sound backing is what Ram ki Bandi is all about.

So, now you know where to go when hungry late in the night. Here’s Ram ki Bandi Hyderabad address – Nampally (Abids) and Jubille Hills. And here’s the Ram ki Bandi Hyderabad phone number – 8801157357, 9014147095 (Jubille Hills), 9966406473 and 9963968082 (Nampally)