Simple Ways To Save Money On Laundry Costs

Some people may have a lot of issues with laundry. Aside from being a daunting task, you have to do at least a few loads of laundry each week. If you do bulk loads or only do it once a week, it is better to do it at the laundromat. Even when doing it once or a few times, the main concern for some is the cost of laundry.

Having a washer and dryer at home does not help since these are expensive appliances and costly to operate. It leaves us in the dilemma of how to save money when doing laundry. Will there be ways to save money by doing laundry at home, or would it be better if you send your clothes to the laundry service?

At the laundry service, like Liox, there are additional services you can have, and you do not have to worry about the increasing consumption of energy and water at home. However, to break the dilemma you are facing, there are simple ways to save money on laundry costs, whether you will handle your laundry at home or at the laundromat.

Do not wash your clothes often.



Some might dislike this idea. However, this is the most practical one. There are clothes you do not have to wash every after use. The only exception to this rule is undergarments. Other than that, clothes can be washed after the second or third use. However, if your clothes are soiled or have an odor, it is time to wash them.

This tip is not only to minimize your laundry costs. Not washing your clothes often also makes them live longer. Constantly washing clothes after every wash only brings damage or makes the fabrics of your clothes weaker, making them easy to tear and look worn.

Hence, if it is not underwear, it does not smell, and it does not have any stains, you are not obliged to wash it.

Only wash in full loads.

Whether at home or laundromat, you save money if you wash only in full loads. Your washer at home will still consume the same amount of water and energy, no matter the size of your laundry load. The same goes for having a small load washed and dried at the laundromat. You still have to pay for the amount of the average load. Hence, filling up the washer and dryer to their average load capacity is best.

If you cannot help it, you need to wear your clothes soonest possible. Hand wash and air dry that batch of clothes to put yourself at ease without costing too much.

Add the recommended amount of laundry detergent.


There is a common misconception about laundry detergents. Some think that adding more detergent helps the load become cleaner. However, that is the exact opposite. More laundry detergent results in soap residues, making it harder to rinse the laundry thoroughly. Meanwhile, only using a small amount of laundry will not clean the garments efficiently.

It would be a waste to go with these two options. Hence, always go for the right amount of laundry detergent.

In addition, if you are going to do laundry at the laundromat, it is best to bring your laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. It is expected that detergents or laundry cleaners at the laundry shop cost more than the prices at the grocery store.

Remove fabric conditioner from the list.

Although we mentioned bringing your fabric conditioner to the laundromat is better, that was only optional. It was to cut your expenses for laundry cleaners. If you love adding fabric conditioners to your clothes, a better alternative is soaking them in distilled white vinegar. You can use this tip at home.

Have a laundry schedule.

No one needs to do laundry every day or more than once a week. Instead of doing laundry several times a week, only do your laundry once. One big load would dramatically decrease your laundry costs.

Avoid overloading the washer and dryer.


Although we recommend washing in large loads, ensure that the “large” load does not exceed the average capacity of the washer. Large load refers to the recommended maximum capacity.

Putting more clothes in the washer and dryer will not result in clean laundry, which would be a waste of time and money. An overloaded washer cannot clean the clothes efficiently, while an overloaded dryer cannot dry the clothes thoroughly.

Moreover, overloaded washers and dryers may also lead to malfunctions. If you do laundry at home, diligently following the capacity instructions will save you from major repair costs.

Skip the dryer at times.

You do not have to use the dryer all the time. Line drying your clothes is a better option. It cuts your energy consumption. Although the downside of line drying is it requires time, if you are looking for ways to save money, then that’s what you have to compromise; your time.

However, if you have to wear the clothes in the shortest time, it is best to throw them in the dryer. Just ensure that it is in full load to have your money’s worth.

Always do a maintenance check on your washer and dryer.


If you have a laundry room at home, the maintenance of your washer and dryer is probably an addition to the costs. However, if you do regular checkups, clean, and troubleshoot your washer and dryer, you do not have to worry much about paying for costly repairs. Moreover, you do not have to worry about replacing them in the near future because simple maintenance prolongs their life.

Avoid equipment breakdown and costly repairs by cleaning the washer and dryer, and avoid overloading.

Final Takeaway

The more you follow these laundry tips, the more you can save money. The simplest way to save money on laundry costs is to reduce the number of times you do laundry. Schedule a laundry day. This does not only reduce your costs but saves you time as well.