Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum – Worlds’ largest one-man collection museum in Hyderabad
A large museum and the beauty of river Musi when sighted together then the person is at the Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad. Situated on the southern bank of the river Musi and surrounded by tourist places like Charminar, Mecca Masjid and State Central Library along with being the third largest museum in India, it’s a must visit place in Hyderabad.

Salarjung Museum History and Geographical aspects

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, inaugurated the Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad in the year 1951 and the entire collection of this museum was moved to new premises in the year 1968 that we see today.
The current building structure has 2 floors with three blocks (Central, Eastern, and Western), and 38 galleries; 18 galleries on the first floor and 20 galleries on the ground floor. This museum in Hyderabad covers 10 acres of land. The person behind such a large collection of art is Mir Yousuf Ali Khan (Salar Jung III), who spent most of his life and money to create this collection. Also, Nawab Turab Ali Khan (Salar Jung I) and the successors contributed to building a collection of almost 43000 art pieces, 9000 manuscripts, and near about 47000 printed books.

Museum Facilities

The Salar Jung Museum is not only rich in the quality of collection but also it provides good facilities to the visitors. The museum publishes catalogs of certain crucial collections of museum, leaflets and picture postcards of the collection; museum sells these to facilitate visitors and can be bought from the HHEC Souvenir Shop located at the central block.
The Salar Jung Museum also has the facility of the quality reading room enriched with daily local newspaper and magazines in English, Telugu, Urdu and other foreign languages. In addition to this, the museum facilitates scholars with a library that can be accessed by getting passes from the counter.

In the recent addition, now museum offers Audio guide system that costs Rs. 60/-

Attractions at the Museum

Though the whole museum is an attraction there are some collections which allure the visitors most and take the experience to the new level. The most hunted thing is Salar Jung Museum Clock; it’s a 19th Century British Musical Clock sold by Cooke and Kelvey of England.

In addition to this there are some more like:

  • Veiled Marble Statue of Rebecca by Italian sculptor (G B Benzoni 1876)
  • Ivory Chair set of Tippu Sultan of Mysore
  • Rare Manuscripts like Lilawati

These are just a few to name but the fact is that each and every piece stored at Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad has a unique story and fascinating facts, which every visitor should know and read about.

Salar Jung Museum Ticket

The museum requires fund for maintenance and thus the governing bodies charge a minimal entry fee. The Salar Jung Museum ticket prices are:

  • General public – Rs.20/-
  • Students and others up to the age of 18 years on the production of identity cards – Free
    Defense personnel dressed in official uniform organized Kisan parties- 50% discount.
  • Foreign visitors – Rs. 500/-.
  • Special Concession is given to the public during the ‘Museum Week’ (8th – 14th January)
  • School Children up to 18 years with accompanied teachers are given free entry during ‘Children’s Week’ (14th-20th November)
  • Still and Mobile photography – Rs. 50/-

Salar Jung Museum Timings

Salar Jung Museum remains open throughout the week except on Friday. Salar Jung Museum Timings on Sunday are same as other working days i.e., 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The museum, library and the office remain closed on general holidays, for which a separate list is published every year.